In a paper prepared by Booz/Allen/Hamilton (Profits or Perils? The Bottom Line on Outsourcing) they speak of possible flaws in not achieving a perfect “outsourcing solutions”.  Here are a few they discussed;

Flaw 1:  If an organization never moves beyond the “simple stuff” such as payroll and catering, there will never be a significant impact on the bottom line.

FRS’s BPO solutions will give you that impact that can make the difference to your bottom line.  When FRS takes on a project we take full ownership and accountability of the process beginning to end.  No more holding the hand of your “in-source” (in house processing) provider.  What will you do with all that extra time, huh the job you were hired to do perhaps?

Flaw 2:    Inappropriate amount of attention paid in supplier selection.  Evaluating a potential supplier, a thorough review & analysis of their track record, qualifications and cost structure need to be considered.

FRS’s BPO solutions have a 13 year track record of providing the right solution for the task at hand.  Our customer testimonials over the years show our in depth qualifications to handle any job in the way our customers expect 100% quality all the time.  There may be times we are not the cheapest but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”.  Nothing leaves our docks without being 100% to customer’s specification.    We take full responsibility and have full accountability with a 100% guarantee your product arrives just the way you imagined.  Giving you “Peace of Mind” it was done right the first time.  What is “Peace of Mind” worth to you and your organization?

Flaw 3: An organizations inability to change the way they manage the new relationship and processes put in place.  This gives an organization the sense of “losing control”.

At FRS the customer is always in full control of the process, without having to be on hand for direct supervision and hand holding.  Our doors are always open for our clients to just walk in and see how their process is going.  FRS works closely with all our clients to establish the expected goals and objectives of our clients.  Once the proper processes and procedures are established you can walk away knowing we fully understand your goals and promise to exceed your expectations.  We do not succeed unless YOU SUCCEED.

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Linsey M. Beuchot

Director of Sales & Marketing