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How to Mitigate Your Risks by Proper Outsourcing of Critical Functions

The hurricane season of 2017 has already taken a toll on lives, property and our economy. The unforeseen implications will not be fully realized for years to come. Many companies have realized just how inadequate their supply chains and redundancy plans really are. Many others are just now realizing that they do not want to be in that position should another natural disaster occur. Unfortunately,...

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What is Outsourcing and Why do it?

According to Michael Zimmerman with Smart CEO, “Sooner or later, every business owner must ask the question: “Do I really want to outsource this process, or can I find a way to keep costs in house?” To some, it’s a matter of job preservation. To others, strictly profit. But whatever the litmus, the decision will have serious consequences- for owners, for employees, and for customers.”...

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Vendor Compliance – Get it right or pay for your error!

I was in a meeting with a large worldwide manufacturer and uncovered that they budget $4 million a year for “charge backs”.  I was floored. That’s a great deal of revenue gone for knowing they were not going to meet their customers' “Vendor Compliance Guideline/Routing Guides”.   They are a large company so I guess they think they can afford the errors.  I asked a few more questions...

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