Turn Around Time

Increased Efficiency Means Increased Sales

One of the strengths of FRS’ fulfillment services is the decreased turnaround time that comes when you in/outsource your processing to us. We optimize your sales by ensuring your product hits the market quickly (JIT), while also preserving valuable space at your company’s distribution centers. A fast turnaround time allows you to reprocess closeouts and have the inventory back on the shelves within a matter of days. There is no delay in shipping and receiving large amounts of inventory, even if it needs to be repackaged or have an additional part added. When there are unforeseen changes in the demand for a particular product, Floor-Ready Services can quickly, efficiently and securely arrange transportation your inventory to the appropriate distribution center or retail store, meaning your company can be the first to respond to the changing marketplace. A quicker turnaround times means increased productivity and increased revenue for your company—without adding to your in-house payroll and overhead expenditures.