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Documentation techniques required to produce cost-per-hire

ALL elements to consider when deciding to hire a new employee.   Have you ever truly considered what it requires in cost to hire a new employee?  There may be things we are missing in preparing a “TRUE” cost to hire.   Is this new employee going to be productive enough to cover all of these cost mentioned in this white paper?

Great paper prepared by; An American National Standard for Human Resources Management:  COST-PER-HIRE

Have you ever figured out "all" associated cost when hiring a new employee?

Size Specs

In the apparel industry, “spec sheet” is short for “size specifications document,” a guideline for standard garment measurements and sewing techniques. The idea is to create a uniform system that ensures all clothing actually corresponds to the size it claims to be, within industry established tolerances. For instance, a 34-inch waist is typically allowed to have a variance of a quarter-inch in either direction; anything beyond that is no longer conforming to the established specs. FRS can both check our client’s products to make sure they fit within the size specs and make any necessary changes to get a client’s product within the size specs.

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a crucial step in any manufacturing business, but especially so in the apparel industry, where quality assurance is responsible for monitoring for missing or defective fabrics, buttons, zippers and every other component of a garment. Quality assurance happens during the manufacturing process (inspecting piece goods, for example) and once the final product has been completed. FRS offers a skilled team with experience in inspecting apparel for quality assurance, as well as the ability to make any necessary changes to get our clients’ products ready for retail.

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