Dynamic Flexible Laborforce

A Full-Time, On-Demand Staff

Why hire staff for a short-term, labor-intensive project, when you can outsource to FRS, saving valuable time and resources and improving your bottom line?

Our skilled, experienced team is comprised completely of full-time employees. Not hiring temps results in a Laborforce that’s committed to the highest quality work, whether it’s an ongoing, long-term project or a unique, one-time challenge. Our staff knows their responsibilities, enjoys their work and has a proven record of high-quality and efficient work. At FRS, we believe that your company can benefit from in/outsourcing elements of your supply chain to us—and one of the main reasons is our loyal, long-time employees who are just as committed to your success as you are.

We train our staff on a continuous basis and test their abilities with random assessments and assignments in areas that are new to them, ensuring they will be ready for any kind of job FRS is asked to perform. In a day and age where most companies hire temporary workers for the bulk of their processing work, we have full-time dedicated employees who love what they do.