Product Rework

Wrong labels, wrong sizes, wrong assortments, wrong packaging, wrong pricing, wrong SKUs or UPCs? Don’t worry—FRS will make it right!

Whether you have a product that needs to be quickly repackaged, repriced or reassembled, or something that requires a more comprehensive treatment for issues like mold, spots or poor stitching, FRS is your one-stop outsourcing solution for quick and effective product reworking. With our focus on quality control throughout all aspects of production, FRS also incorporates preemptive reworking, meaning we fix any issues we find along the way, ensuring all industry and display specifications have been met when your product hits the retail floor. You can be confident with FRS as your strategic partner for all reworking services, knowing we will quickly handle any crisis you encounter. Your product will be delivered on time and up to spec without taking up space at your valuable distribution centers or diverting your regular employees from more important tasks.