Increased Efficiency. Reduced Operating Costs. Cost-Effective Solutions.

By serving as an extension of your in-house team, Floor-Ready Services provides personalized services, hassle-free compliance and the ability to manage your complex processing needs. Our integrity and professionalism directly benefit your company, resulting in increased productivity and allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies. We take pride in consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations and delivering your merchandise on time and to your specifications. Reorganizing your supply operations means you receive floor-ready merchandise processed to your specifications. You serve your customers better, stay ahead of trends, carry less inventory and, most importantly, lower operating costs. Our flexible Laborforce and abundant floor space, combined with our quality control protocols and full vendor compliance, results in inventory that is always fulfilled according to your exact processing needs and arrives on time (JIT) at your distribution center or retail store.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) Capable

We are EDI capable. An EDI system can be used to manage weekly orders and prevent overstocking. Send orders over the EDI system weekly and it will be reflected in your JIT inventory, ensuring you only produce the amount of product you need and saving you money.