Cost Reduction

Turn Fixed Costs into Variable Costs

There are numerous costs associated with in-house processing, including quality control inspectors, processors, packers, warehouse, drivers, janitorial personnel and all the costs associated with training, benefits, taxes, workmen’s comp, equipment, warehouse storage and security just to name a few. When you in/outsource your processing needs to Floor-Ready Services, your company increases its efficiency and overall production, meaning you cut costs while increasing sales. Whether it’s hard-line or soft-line manufacturing, wholesale or retail, we guarantee your merchandise is customer ready, vendor compliant and processed and shipped on time. By transferring the fixed costs of in-house processing to the processing experts at Floor Ready, your company will see a major increase in productivity without ever having to add to your in-house staff. Contact our team today to see just how much you can save my by forming a strategic partnership with FRS, the industry leader in effective supply chain management.