Streamline Your Shipping

One of Floor Ready’s primary order fulfillment services is kitting. Instead of devoting part of your laborforce to picking and packing individual items, let us ship similar items in quantity, in either redundant or unique kits. Fulfilling orders via kitting expedites weighting and labeling, creating potentially substantial savings in transportation costs, while also saving valuable time.

The kitting services at FRS allow you to respond quickly and efficiently to increased demand for custom packs and to reduce inventory by finalizing kits just before delivery. Our multiple assembly lines allow for concurrent jobs to be processed simultaneously. Whether it’s combining multiple products into new kits or creating multi-packs and promotion kits, simplify your handling of SKUs by taking advantage of FRS’s kitting fulfillment options.


Returning valuable products back into your inventory

FRS can help you recover your ROI on those existing kits that may now have some elements that have expired or just no longer in use. FRS can un-kit your product and return the individual items back into your inventory or just replace those items that no longer fit within your newly design kit.