Appliances and Parts

The Right Combination of Aptitude and Attitude

Whether you are selling appliances to any major home improvement retailer, or smaller local repair shops, FRS has experience with a multi-billion dollar company to convert your raw materials (piece parts, replacement parts, or additional up-sell items) into floor-ready displays – while keeping strict quality control standards. FRS utilizes EDI (Electronics Digital Inventory) allowing you to have your Just-in-Time inventory, while saving warehouse space.

At FRS, we consider ourselves specialists in meeting challenges from the appliance industry. Years of experience with some of our longest running corporate (multi-billion dollar companies) testify to our efficiency and know how when it comes to processing appliance-related orders. From product check-in to assembly and shipping, you can count on our team to get the job done.

The fact that our Laborforce is comprised of full-time, loyal employees who have been with us for years results in a staff which is fully capable of meeting, and finding the solution to, any challenge, all while meeting the highest standards for quality control. Whether it’s assembly, packing or shipping, the processing experts at FRS can design an efficient, cost-reducing plan to make sure your inventory is in the right place at the right time.