Floor-Ready Services is a family owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience in supply chain and logistics.

We are not a distribution center, although we do ship 40-50 million units yearly.

We are not a warehouse, although we typically have 8 million units on hand at any given time.

We are not a Pick & Pack facility, although we do fulfillment.

Our focus and core competencies is on processing. We provide expert hands-on labor and dedicated space for any size project. We typically handle over a million units a week.

Our strength is flexibility of resources—whatever your challenge is, we can meet it. A partnership with FRS allows your company to concentrate on its core competencies and reduce operating costs. Our full-time, skilled labor force has the experience to handle any job in an efficient, professional manner. We’re here so you can in/outsource to us and increase your productivity without adding to your payroll and overhead expenditures. Optimizing your supply chain operations means you receive floor-ready product processed to your specifications. Serve your customers better, stay ahead of trends, carry less inventory and, most importantly, lower operating costs. Floor-Ready Services is your key to staying competitive.