Just In Time (JIT) Inventory

Save Valuable Space And Time

Are you looking to gain better control over your workflow and free up resources that could be put to work elsewhere in your company? At FRS, we can help manage the costs associated with inventory with our highly effective JIT inventory service. By efficiently monitoring production, your company can avoid the costs associated with keeping a large surplus of inventory on hand. At the same time, JIT inventory allows for the direct shipping of finished goods to distribution centers and retail spaces exactly when they’re needed, limiting the amount of storage time and space needed, while ensuring your product arrives on schedule.

The JIT services offered by Floor-Ready Services allow your company to meet quickly changing consumer demands with minimum delays, by reducing unnecessary and wasteful steps in supply chain fulfillment. Your products are delivered when they’re needed, not earlier and not later, eliminating unnecessary inventory and associated costs, while still precisely meeting consumer demand.

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