Floor Ready is your personal labor force and qualified processing partner for your effective supply chain management.

Whether your business is related to Wholesale, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics or Packaging, Floor-Ready Services is dedicated to keeping your operations based on your core competencies, allowing you to focus your key assets on what is most integral to your company’s success. Let FRS handle the distribution and placement of “floor-ready” goods on shelves, while you stay focused on your internal resources and generating quality production. We have a fully equipped in-house warehouse facility and a skilled, full-time laborforce, which allows us to quickly respond to impromptu fluctuations on demand. Our quality control protocols ensure speed and accuracy when turning troublesome soft-line and hard-line goods into vendor compliant, floor-ready merchandise. Working with FRS reduces your standard program prep time, increasing your productivity while quickly moving inventory off the valuable floor space at your distribution centers, warehouse or even individual stores. Timely, secure and efficient—FRS gives your company all the advantages of a personalized, on-demand labor force, without increasing your operating costs.