Can Your Company Afford Affordable Care?

January 2014. The clock is ticking. Healthcare reform is quickly becoming a reality. Has your company properly prepared for Obamacare?

Feeling alarmed? It can be a stressful topic. And there are some gloomy predictions out there, as far as what it’s going to cost businesses to implement the new plan. Increased costs, supplementary taxes, more paperwork…but there is some good news. FRS can help you reduce your exposure to the impending insurance transition.

While it can be frustrating to imagine tackling an entirely new insurance code, the cost of healthcare is often an inevitable part of doing business. The key aspect is to limit your healthcare costs, the same as you would any expenditure. And that’s where FRS fits in.

Whether you offer an insurance plan to your employees or not, if you have fewer than 50 full-time employees, you are not subject to the same fees and taxes under the new legislation. For example, a business with more 50 employees that does not provide an insurance plan may have to pay a fee of up to $3,000 per employee. (And this fee is not tax-deductible.) Furthermore, healthcare costs for all companies are expected to rise 5.3% in the next year.

What this means, essentially, is that now is the perfect time to form a strategic partnership with a company that specializes in labor-force solutions. Outsourcing to FRS will allow you to increase your overall production without the associated costs of additional full-time staff. Whether it’s adding to an existing insurance plan, paying a fee for not providing an insurance plan or expanding your HR staff to handle the extra paperwork, you’ll be free from extra overhead even as you’re taking on new work.

Call or email us today! Let us help you grow your business efficiently and find a smart way to work within the guidelines of the new legislation. FRS can make implementing the Affordable Care Act actually affordable.