Contract Packaging – Cut Your Overhead

Contract packaging services provide a quick and effective means to offload overhead and expenditures, allowing you to quickly realize a return on your investment.  Slim down a bloated supply chain by letting us process your materials, and get your products to the store Floor-Ready.

We are hearing “I make a pretty good profit here, but this “OVERHEAD” is starting to take out a pretty big bite.”  Increasing ACA taxes and regulations, increased utilities cost, increased labor cost with less production hours and so on.  Floor-Ready Services, Inc. can increase your bottom line by directly lowering your overhead with our Contract Packaging Services.  We can scale with any packaging project need.   Employing full-time, dedicated staff — we have you covered with our experienced Contract Packaging Team.  Eliminate the costs associated with packaging your product, let us show you how our years of experience in packaging and retail vendor compliance can save your business when every penny counts.  

Floor-Ready Services, Inc. will fully manage your Contract Packaging project from receipt of raw goods to fully prepared end-user “floor-ready” products down to store level.  You no longer need to pay those increasing packaging costs that everybody is passing on to you to pay for their own increases.   Floor-Ready Services, Inc. located in Asheville NC 28704 is a 137,000 sq. ft. facility fully staffed with full-time employees eager to process your Contract Packaging projects.   Give us a call and let us do your 1st pallet free to PROVE we CAN INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE!   828-651-850P

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