Do You Get What You Pay For????

Does this old adage still hold true when it comes to your employees?

I recently read an article in which it said;  Survey: 63% of Workers Not Engaged, Struggling to Cope With Work

“When workers are not fully engaged, it leads to greater performance risk for employers. It makes companies more vulnerable to lower productivity, higher inefficiency, weaker customer service, and greater rates of absenteeism and turnover,” said Julie Gebauer, managing director, Talent and Rewards, at Towers Watson, in a press release about the survey.

In most corporate structures that do “production/processing” work on average they get 85% production out of an employee over an 8 hour day.  That means each production employee only “works” 6.8 hour out of an 8 hour day.   That equates to a loss of 1.2 hours a day, 6 hours a week, 24 hours per month, and 312 hours annually of “LOST PRODUCTION”.

Now top that off with 63% of those employees are NOT engaged in what they are doing, what does that really mean to your bottom line? What does that mean for the quality of work going out the door? What does that mean for the need of “rework” associated with poor quality?  What does that mean for “turn-over” and retraining?

At Floor-Ready Services our employees are 100% full time employees.  The majority of our staff has been with Floor-Ready Services for over 7 years.   This is not a “job” for our employees it is their “career”.     So why worry if your staff is engaged and producing at 100% all the time when Floor-Ready Services has a fully engaged staff that can guarantee you the “BIGGEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK”.    

At Floor-Ready Services you do “Get What You Pay For”!  We guarantee it!

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Linsey M. Beuchot

Director of Sales & Marketing