Labor Trends for 2014, where do you fall?

In a recent article by Matt Ferguson, CEO of CarreerBuilder, “7 trends to watch in the New Year”, he stated 7 areas effecting employers and employees for employment in 2014.  With the uncertainty in the economy even though we are seeing lower unemployment & consumer spending on the rise, employers’ are turning in many directions to meet their labor force needs. 

One area he mentions is: “Companies relying on temporary and contract hiring
A trend that has been growing post-recession is for companies to turn to contract and temporary help to meet their hiring needs. This allows them to have flexibility in their workforce, so that as market demands change, they can dial up or dial down staffing as needed. Forty-two percent of employers plan to hire temporary or contract workers in 2014, up from 40 percent last year. Of these employers, 43 percent plan to transition some temporary employees into full-time, permanent members of their staff.”

We here at Floor-Ready Services can assist you in meeting your production/processing demands without all the headaches associated with hiring in-house temporary employees or an in-house contracted labor force.   We provide clients a FULLY MANAGED processing solution in our 137,000 square foot facility.  


FRS trains our full-time employees (average 8-9 year’s tenure, never temporary employees) to meet each client’s processing needs.  Our employees are fully invested in the quality of product that leaves our facility.  This is a career for them, not a stepping stone.

FRS provides full-time supervision and management of all employees working on your project with our management staff.

Since the employees are FRS employees, we are handling all payroll expenses, taxes and tracking associated with each employee (including AHC mandates) NOT you.

FRS manages, maintains, documents, and order all ancillary products to complete a processing line.  Have you ever ran out of zip ties needed to complete a job, thereby having employees standing around not able to complete their task?  Waste of money & and resources, right?

FRS handles all inbound & outbound logistics for your products.

FRS is able to report out every 2 hours your production numbers.

FRS provides you a fixed cost for each job giving you an ease of determining Cost of Goods Sold to help set accurate budget costs.

You no longer have to consider if you have the space, management resources, and overall overhead to handle any given project because FRS have it covered.

Most importantly, Floor-Ready Services provides you with a flexible & dynamic labor force.  If you have a job that needs to be done right away FRS moves our resources around to make sure your commitments are met.  If your job is completed, you are not paying for an idle resources, we are using them for a different client (shared resources). 

If you have a labor force need give us a call, FRS is committed to the success of our clients, and that means a better bottom line for you!

Linsey M. Beuchot

VP Customer Service