Product Rework – Do you rework in house or should you outsource?

One of the services we pride ourselves in offering at Floor-Ready is Product Rework, especially Apparel Rework.  Is the product that you have manufactured, and are about to offer to your customer, somehow “just not right”?  Be it a quality control issue from your manufacturer, or a mishap in your processing center, it needs to be reworked immediately or you lose revenue.  Doing this In-House would normally cause a waste of resources in your organization, costing man-hours, causing floor space conflicts, and manufacturing delays for reworking old product that should have been Floor-Ready.  Our partners tell us they used to spend countless hours and resources tediously doing rework on flawed manufacturing.  Then they found Floor-Ready’s rework services, and said goodbye to the hassles!

Floor-Ready Services, located in Asheville, North Carolina, is here to handle the rework project for you.  Floor-Ready Services provides a reworking facility with 137,000 sq ft of space for any project in convenient Asheville, NC with access to multiple shipping routes.  With capacity for the largest rework projects, the right equipment for the job, plus a full-time trained staff, and dedicated management team, Floor-Ready services provides the best rework service for the fastest return on investment.  Floor-Ready Services manages the logistics of all rework issues end-to-end from receiving bad product, evaluation, corrections, and reporting right through to shipping out corrected reworked product to the distribution center or even store locations.  Our rework produces Floor-Ready products.

Rework examples:

  • Incorrect labeling on apparel or hardline goods
  • Garment care, size, sku, and price reworking and relabeling
  • Missing or defective parts replacement
  • Incorrect assembly
  • Incorrect kitting
  • Removal of expired product within a kit
  • Electronics internals ie. The cat says “woof” and the dog says “meow” voice box switch


As a Bonus: Floor-Ready Services pricing provides a per-unit fixed cost.  Additionally, our workforce is flexible. Should you need immediate attention on a rework project, we have the ability to move staff on-demand, giving you a quick turnaround.   We provide the fastest rework services available at a fixed cost.  Whether it’s a one-time urgent need or a perpetual rework project, let Floor-Ready Services be your partner in reaching your quality commitments to your end users.  Give Floor-Ready Services a try, we will do your 1st pallet for free just so we can show you Floor-Ready Services can do it faster and for less, without having to go through all the headaches!


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