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Contract Packaging – Cut Your Overhead

Contract packaging services provide a quick and effective means to offload overhead and expenditures, allowing you to quickly realize a return on your investment.  Slim down a bloated supply chain by letting us process your materials, and get your products to the store Floor-Ready. We are hearing "I make a pretty good profit here, but this “OVERHEAD” is starting to take out a pretty big...

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Product Rework – Do you rework in house or should you outsource?

One of the services we pride ourselves in offering at Floor-Ready is Product Rework, especially Apparel Rework.  Is the product that you have manufactured, and are about to offer to your customer, somehow “just not right”?  Be it a quality control issue from your manufacturer, or a mishap in your processing center, it needs to be reworked immediately or you lose revenue.  Doing this...

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Labor Trends for 2014, where do you fall?

In a recent article by Matt Ferguson, CEO of CarreerBuilder, “7 trends to watch in the New Year”, he stated 7 areas effecting employers and employees for employment in 2014.  With the uncertainty in the economy even though we are seeing lower unemployment & consumer spending on the rise, employers’ are turning in many directions to meet their labor force needs.  One area he...

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